Climb Aboard the Smart Objects Vinyl Campaign

Back in September of 2020, Smart Objects released their debut self-titled album on all the digital streaming services. We had a lot to say about it but, in short, we liked it a lot. It’s a record that manages to be engagingly unique but still quite accessible; not an easy balance to find.

They’ve been promoting the record for years, with the release of the first single and video back in 2017 and aren’t done with it yet. Today they launched an IndieGoGo campaign to get the record pressed to vinyl. While such an undertaking isn’t entirely unique these days, you really gotta admire their pitch video which borrows heavily from Carl Sagan and his show Cosmos; all the way down to the signature red turtleneck and blazer.

There’s even more of this campaign over on their social media, so treat yourself by checking that out and then, by all means, pre-order your vinyl.

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