Ttotals – Live at the 5 Spot

Over the course of the last fourteen months, plenty of artists have taken to livestreaming to fill the hole of being unable to attend live shows but few have done it as well as Ttotals have done here. Recorded back in November of 2020, this Live at the 5 Spot set is 35 minutes of immersive psych-rock augmented by a mind-boggling projection show from Flooded Sun Liquid Light Show.

No one would prefer that we have a global pandemic but since we did have one, we might as well speak to some of the silver linings it brought along with it. It’s entirely possible that you never would have found yourself at a Ttotals show at the 5 spot. Moreso, its possible that Ttotals wouldn’t have been able to get Flooded Sun to provide visuals and it’s incredibly unlikely that the whole thing would have been recorded and posted to Youtube for posterity.

It’s a fantastic set of music that showcases a side of Nashville that doesn’t get seen nearly as often as it should. The songs are solid, the performance is stellar and the visuals elevate the whole thing to an experience rather than just a show. We all hate the impetus behind this existing but it’s impossible not to appreciate now that it’s here.