The Mute Group – “Father Figure / Airbag”

Note: The Mute Group released their debut album Sinister Hand on yk Records, curated and operated by the author of this post. There’s bias afoot.

Back in October 2020, The Mute Group participated in the Festival of Ghouls, a massive multi-day streaming event with a multitude of bands sharing videos and live performances. The band contributed a number of covers; including this brilliant combined dual cover of George Michael’s “Father Figure” and Radiohead’s “Airbag.” On the surface, it does not seem these two tracks would fit together so well but, based on the captured performance, they clearly do.

Previously, the band had released their video for “Rodney O,” which also served as the closing of the proverbial book on promotional efforts for their debut album, Sinister Hand. However, that chapter ending has signaled the beginning of a new one. This cover is not a part of any official album release but it’s a compelling contribution to the notion that they are far from done.

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