Tape Deck Mountain – “NOMO” (Official Video)

Without batting an eye, it’s easy to describe Tape Deck Mountain as firmly a shoegaze band. All of the necessary tropes are present; big wall of guitar sound with warbly accents, calm vocal delivery sitting in the middle of the mix and plenty of larger explosive moments. It may check all the boxes but Tape Deck Mountain’s latest release, True Deceiver, takes things beyond shoegaze.

“NOMO”, the second track from said record and the focus of this performance video includes moments of soaring guitar, some accents that feel like progressive versions of the best Failure or Shiner songs and lyrics that actually carry some weight. Hearing frontman and primary songwriter Travis Trevisan calmly lament “You’re all alone, on your phone” through layers and layers of sound is a powerful thing to hear; especially if you crank your speakers to their maximum.

The video itself is filled with purple hues, prism effects, static feedback and the quintessential shoegaze performance style; not overly excitable and more interested in enveloping you in sound. It serves as an excellent introduction to the band if you’ve not had the pleasure previously. “NOMO” is a standout track on the record but, frankly, True Deceiver continues this vibe through the duration and fans of the genre looking for something just a bit bigger and better would be wise to pay attention.

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