Sour Ops – “Now You’re Gone” (Official Video)

Sour Ops latest album X was released in April and contains ten tracks of bombastic rock songs, unfurling with loads of big riffs from start to finish. Their latest single for “Now You’re Gone” takes a different tact, showcasing the bands diverse songwriting abilities. The track is gentler than anything on X but, paired with the video, perhaps more sinister.

The press release for the track tells us that the song was inspired by a “1924 John Crow Ransom poem about the untimely death of a young girl. The narrator is forced to face the present by these circumstances while being overwhelmed by ghosts of their shared history.” Listening to the song solo, you can certainly feel this melancholy as it is underscored by the sweeping strings and frontman Price Harrison’s longing vocal performance.

However, the video turns that melancholy on its head. The story portrayed is one of exploitation, empowerment and a dash of murder. The narrative itself isn’t entirely clear on why these murderous undertakings are happening but there’s no denying that the juxtaposition of the lyrical delivery and the visuals is quite compelling.

Sour Ops continue to bring plenty of surprises to the table. X is a substantial rock record worthy of note but “Now You’re Gone” proves they aren’t just a one trick pony. Their visual presentation across album art and videos is impeccable to boot. By and large, they’re one to keep an eye on.

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