Six One Tribe – “Same Beast, Different Monsters” (Official Video)

The debut album from Six One Tribe, Trïbe Over Everything is set for release on Friday, November 4th. The massive hip-hop collective is comprised of some sixteen emcees and countless contributors beyond the “core” group. Once the record is released, it’s inevitable we’ll give some more coverage to it but it’s worth noting now that the undertaking is meant to lift all of Nashville’s hip-hop scene, even if there’s a distinct list of people involved.

The latest single, “Same Beast, Different Monsters,” comes coupled with a music video that pushes the group well beyond a music video and fully into short film territory. We follow two party go’ers that find themselves in an alarming cult gathering before our primary protagonist meets up with her new boyfriend who has his own disturbing attributes once the full moon shows itself. Like any good horror movie, I won’t give it away but the verses from Riø Tokyo, AndréWolfe, and Tripgod F’RF’R augment the whole experience perfectly.

As the album drop date quickly approaches, do yourself a favor and go familiarize yourself with the previous singles for “We the Wave“, “WHOLOTTA“, and “Carbon Copy.” Be sure to note the stylistic distinct difference between each of these tracks, as the diversity in sound is one of the hallmarks of the Tribe.