Six One Tribe – “10,000 Hours” (Official Video)

There’s much to be said about Six One Tribe; a collective of hip-hop artists and a movement to push awareness of Nashville hip-hop through collaboration. Looking at the Affiliated Artists list you’ll see plenty of familiar names like Gee Slab, Negro Justice, Namir Blade, Daisha McBride, Petty, FU Stan and loads more. Other names like Mossy or Trip God F’RF’R may not strike as familiar yet but it’s only a matter of time given their involvement with this undertaking. Are all these names “members” of the collective or simply contributing? It’s not clear but it also doesn’t matter – Six One Tribe can be as nebulous as it wants to be as long as they continue their mission to showcase Nashville hip-hop and push to raise the awareness.

A few months back they released “10,000 Hours,” the first single for a forthcoming full-length. This week they released the accompanying official video. The track itself is a euphoric blast of trumpets, hard hitting beats and contributions from Negro Justice, Corduroy Clemens, Weston, Riø Tokyo & Namir Blade. It’s hard to listen to and not feel hyped up. The video carries that energy with some very simple outdoor performances cut together excellently with individual performances acting as “introducing” segments for each emcee. It’s not high concept but it’s high energy and that’s absolutely the point.

Word on the street is that there will be plenty of new Six One Tribe releases in the coming months with lots of different contributors. This first video is a solid bar to set in the expectations department.

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