Inksuit – Found Sound Sessions

Have you ever seen the Nine Inch Nails video for “Gave Up” from director Jon Reiss? It’s a live performance in the band’s studio space and you get quick glimpses of Marilyn Manson and Richard Patrick who were members of the band at the time. There’s also one of the best music video easter eggs tucked in there.

How about the video for New Order’s “The Perfect Kiss” directed by Jonathan Demme? It’s magnificently long at over 10 minutes for one song and showcases the band performing intimately in a studio space with some friends looking on.

What do either of those have to do with Inksuit’s four part Found Sound Sessions? For me, both serve as excellent touchstones of reference for the look and feel of the sessions. Inksuit is a relatively new band to the Nashville scene, bringing a sound that is a fascinating blend of catchy and dystopian, and seeing them perform together with no audience inside of a well-adorned home feels like an intimate peek inside of the creative process. In reality it’s a performance but the veneer of it all feels very much like a peek behind the curtain.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Found Sound Sessions, they’ve done a phenomenal job over the past few years capturing emerging bands in unexpected and well curated environments. After you’re done watching the Inksuit sessions, be sure to Like & Subscribe to the rest of their content. Then go pick up the Inksuit EP.