I Could Live in Hope – “Judas” [Premiere]

Travis Trevisan is sneakily prolific. His primary project Tape Deck Mountain unleashes a new full-length record of powerful shoe-gaze inspired tunes every few years. In between those albums, he may release a series of ambient compositions or an interactive sound composition at the airport. In between that, he releases a variety of recordings with his label Nineteen 98.

If that somehow weren’t enough, he also creates “political slowcore” under the moniker I Could Live in Hope. We’re excited to announce the official lyric video for the track “Judas” off of the forthcoming full-length record Anon due out November 4th. The track itself is reminiscent of Tape Deck Mountain’s shoegaze-y foundations but more withdrawn and pensive; simmering if you will. The video feels like an art installation, best for sitting with quietly, contemplatively and attentively as each panel draws your eye. Lyrically, Trevisan paints a macabre picture military servicemen; signing their lives away for an unknown reason, usually based on a lie. For the more conservative leaning this may be off-putting but, to borrow a Southern phrase, he ain’t wrong.

Trevisan’s output is impressive, particularly given that the quality level of each project never seems to suffer. He’s managed to find an excellent balance of both quantity and quality, which is usually impossible. I Could Live in Hope is setup to be a contemplative and reflective release lyrically coupled with some scorched Earth searing soundscapes. Looking forward to it.