Heaven Honey – “Tomorrow I’ll Try” (Official Video)

Back in May, Heaven Honey released the single “Tomorrow I’ll Try“, ostensibly as the flip side to her prior single “Total Abandon.” Both released via Cold Lunch Recordings and To-Go Records, they are distinctly separate releases but feel like two sides of the same coin.

Where “Total Abandon” is hard-hitting, “Tomorrow I’ll Try” is subdued, slow burning and introspective. The official video, directed by Jake Huber and just released in July, depicts a forelorn Gomes-Kuehner crooning at a pool hall, karaoke style. Physically, there are other people present but the sensation of loneliness is palpable.

As the song swells and our protaganist is even more isolated, we’re left with an optimistic tone of empowerment. As the song closes, Jordan Gomes-Kuehner sings:

I’ll keep playing the cards that I’m dealt
I may never get back to the way I once felt
‘cause every day seems darker than the last one I spent
but tomorrow I’ll try again

A sombre tone if ever there was one but, ultimately, one that is willing to push through the difficulties. While the track is presumably about a relationship, it’s easy to apply this sentiment to our current global climate; playing the cards you’re dealt and continuously trying again. Excellent advice.