Flesh Eater – “Elefantenrennen” [Premiere]

Over the past few years, Flesh Eater has slowly been establishing themselves as a wonderfully unique gem in the Nashville music scene. Their 2019 release for “extinguisher” is a cacophony of drums and squealing keyboards that floats on top of a wonderfully buoyant vocal line. The Live at the Ballroom release from 2021 proved that those sounds and energy could be carried into an in-person environment without losing any steam; poolside no less. With the release of their latest single and video for “Elefantenrennen,” the band is pushing things further on all fronts; sonically, lyrically and visually.

In a world of short attention spans, you may miss the real delight of the track if you don’t invest at least a full sixty seconds with it. Vocalist Zwil AR starts the track with a lament of “Got no luck in bed, Everybody wants me to do it their way” before the track unfurls to its first stage of explosive energy. A swirl of keyboards, electronic washes and percussion build in a controlled chaos as they peak towards an all-out wall of sound that gives way to a new desire; “Looked at Grindr all the way home. All I want is a boy is to love me. Love me.”

The video completes the package by juxtaposing the lyrics against an alternate motive. Our vocalist is looking for true love while we’re seeing them navigate at truck stops and game rooms; possibly a nod towards sex workers that make their living with those on the road. It’s not exactly the destination where you’d find somebody to love you, which makes the video a brilliant pair for the song.

“Elefantenrennen” is the first single the band has released in awhile but we’re told the followup is mastered and a full-length album is on the way. Given the groundwork that this first single has laid, it’s safe to say we’re excited for all of it. See the band Saturday, November 19th at DRKMTTR with Ed Schrader’s Music Beat and Abstract Black. If you can’t make that, just keep your eyes peeled on the bands Instagram.