9: Ronnie and Nancy

In Episode Nine, Vidalotry explores Gore Vidal’s humorous criticism of the Reagan administration. Host Ryan Breegle looks at Gore’s initial dismissal of Ronald as a convincing politician, his good-natured jabs at Nancy, and his overall concern that the United States was governed for eight years by a talented cue card reader.

Ronnie and Nancy: A Life In Pictures, Gore Vidal, The New York Review of Books, September 29, 1983

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Merv Griffin Show, Jan 26, 1981
The Tonight Show, Dec 15, 1981
Saturday Matters with Sue Lawley, BBC, 1989

Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Ryan Breegle / We Own This Town

Taking a look at the wit and wisdom of Gore Vidal in his own words, from Ryan Breegle.