10: The Wartime President

In the tenth and final episode, Vidalotry explores Gore Vidal’s ridicule of George W. Bush and the title ‘Wartime President’ which Bush bestowed upon himself. Host Ryan Breegle looks at the accusations of voting fraud in 2000 and 2004, Gore’s fears during the Bush Presidency, and his thoughts on the politicians that followed, namely Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain.


Open House with Gloria Hunniford, Thames Television, 2000
Ali G, HBO, 2004
State of Things, 2005
Ring of Fire with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, 2006
The Henry Rollins Show, IFC, 2007
HardTalk, BBC, 2008
Dear President Bush, Gore Vidal, 2008

Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Ryan Breegle / We Own This Town

Taking a look at the wit and wisdom of Gore Vidal in his own words, from Ryan Breegle.