1: Gore and The Gay Novel

In this debut episode, Vidalotry explores the complex relationship between Gore Vidal and his stance on homosexuality. Host Ryan Breegle looks at Gore’s passion for promiscuity, his first love that would forever haunt him, and how writing a novel about gay sex would affect his career in the years to come.

The City And The Pillar, Gore Vidal, 1948
Palimpsest: A Memoir, Gore Vidal, 1995
Empire Of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal, Jay Parini, 2015

Omnibus, BBC, 1995
Gore Vidal, An Appreciation, PBS, 1995
The South Bank Show, ITV, 2008

Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Ryan Breegle / We Own This Town

Taking a look at the wit and wisdom of Gore Vidal in his own words, from Ryan Breegle.