Little Fires Everywhere

Veronica and Sara return from the quarantine imposed hiatus to pick Season 2 right back up where they left off, discussing the varietal ways in which art is destroyed or vandalized.

This week, we discuss the bizarre desire to set your art on fire. Scott Campbell, the celebrity tattooist turned artworld star known for inking up people like Heath Ledger, Nan Goldin, and Mark Jacobs, committed an art crime against himself. He was working on a tattoo-based visual arts project with a prison outside Mexico City when he was approached about doing an art show. It sold out before the opening but a bitter dispute with the money-hungry art gallery director resulted in Campbell setting his own art ablaze.

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Music by Patrick Damphier.
Show artwork by Saskia Keultjes.

Thick as Thieves
Thick as Thieves
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