Thick as Thieves

Hosts Sara Estes and Veronica Kavass discuss heists, forgeries and all sorts of art crimes.

Sara Estes

Veronica Kavass

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Art Crime Salad

Italian master Carravagio lived a hardboiled life of crime. To wrap Season 2, Thick as Thieves dives into his activities of gambling, theft, and even murder!
Posted: Wed September 30, 2020
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Boo Hoo He’s a Liar

We delve into 1997 story of a stolen Gustav Klimt painting that stumped the world. It's a page-turner, a cliffhanger, and a nail-biter all in one.
Posted: Wed September 9, 2020

A Window, a 911 Call, a Work of Art

Discussing the tumultuous, and eventually fatal, relationship between artists Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre.
Posted: Tue August 18, 2020

A Fatal Attraction in Berlin

This week, we delve into a recent crime in Berlin where, Rebeccah Blum, a distinguished American curator was found stabbed to death by her boyfriend a renowned British photographer.
Posted: Tue August 4, 2020

Little Fires Everywhere

Discussing the bizarre desire to set your art on fire. Scott Campbell, the celebrity tattooist turned artworld star committed an art crime against himself.
Posted: Tue July 21, 2020

A Newman Beyond Repair

If a painting exists as a cultural provocation and receives a cultural provocation, is the provocateur guilty? Barnett Newman found out first hand.
Posted: Tue March 3, 2020

Nicer than Violence: Affectionate Destruction

Have you ever been so overwhelmed when viewing an artwork that you felt compelled to kiss it? Here's multiple instances where that compulsion is exactly the case.
Posted: Tue February 11, 2020

People Might Like You When You’re Dead

A 51-year old Czech artist smashed a framed painting over Marina Abramović's head as an art performance. Why?
Posted: Tue January 28, 2020

An Ipso Facto Invitation to Urination

Season 2 of Thick as Thieves shines a light on Art Destruction and Vandalism, starting with the most vandalizable piece around; Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain."
Posted: Tue January 14, 2020

Soggy Theft at The Loovre

A soggy theft at The Loovre (yes, Loovre) results in three extremely valuable paintings being stolen. Was it a prank or a rebellious act? Find out.
Posted: Tue July 30, 2019

One Thousand Thanks for the Poor Security

Two paintings within Edvard Munch's The Scream series were stolen from two different Norwegian museums by separate gangs of thieves.
Posted: Tue July 16, 2019

Punk Rock Geriatrics

In a box marked "Miscellaneous High School Artwork" was a Chagall painting stolen thirty years prior. Who stole it and how was the FBI able to recover it?
Posted: Tue July 2, 2019
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