Nashville Demystified

“New Nashvillian” Alex Steed uses being a total outsider as an excuse to unearth the city’s rich history.

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Craig Havighurst on The Station Inn and Venue Health

We talk with writer and journalist Craig Havighurst about the history of the Station Inn and its fate after the passing of owner JT Gray.
Posted: Fri May 7, 2021
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And… We’re Back with Maggie Rose

Nashville Demystified RETURNS and catches up with the splendiferous Maggie Rose.
Posted: Fri April 23, 2021

Getting Sleazy with LG of Thelma and the Sleaze [Rebroadcast]

Rebroadcast: Alex Steed speaks with absolute force of nature Lauren Gilbert, aka LG, aka band center of gravity for Thelma and the Sleaze.
Posted: Wed September 16, 2020

Greetings From New Nashville: An Interview with Steve Haruch

We talk with writer, editor, and filmmaker Steve Haruch about his new book Greetings from New Nashville, a series of essays on how Nashville became the It City it is today.
Posted: Thu September 3, 2020

Christine “Teeny” Jarrett Was Wrestling’s Grand Dame

Christine "Teeny" Jarrett was Professional Wrestling’s grand dame. We get to know her rag to riches story by talking to her grandson and biographer Brennon Martin.
Posted: Fri August 21, 2020

Appreciating David Berman, Ascending Menthol Mountains

A cast of friends pay tribute to David Berman and Menthol Mountains; bringing his inspiring blog to life.
Posted: Thu August 6, 2020

The Nashville Flame and other 1980s Fever Dreams [Rebroadcast]

Before taking you down a fever dreamy rabbit hole of 1980s Nashville, Alex delves into the legend of the Nashville Flame—a friend of other-worldly humanoids and foe to [...]
Posted: Wed July 29, 2020

Tony Alamo, Susan Alamo, Cults and Sequined Jackets: A Conversation with Author Debby Schriver

We talk Tony Alamo, the children of his cult, the horrible act befallen to his wife, Susan Alamo through a conversation with author Debby Schriver.
Posted: Fri July 17, 2020

Tristen Talks Please Vote Nashville and Civic Engagement

Tristen Gaspadarek talks with Alex Steed about the origins of Please Vote Nashville how being a DIY musician overlaps with civic engagement.
Posted: Fri July 17, 2020

Marlene Twitty-Fargo is a Foul-Mouthed Angel

Marlene Twitty-Fargo is the drag persona of Tim White, leader of the band The Twat Biscuits and is a ton of fun.
Posted: Wed July 8, 2020

Nick Gulas was Nashville’s King of Wrestling

As a teenager in 1920s Birmingham, Alabama, Nick Gulas left his job at a bakery to learn the ropes (pun intended) of working in the wrestling business. Once he knew a thing or [...]
Posted: Wed July 1, 2020

Rabid Dogs, Spanish Flu and Acid Attacks: 1918 Was Wild

A Spanish Flu adjacent episode in which pieces from the Tennessean from that time are visited.
Posted: Wed May 6, 2020
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