Penises, Pinworms & Sweet Potatoes with Shannon Lee Miller

Shannon Lee Miller, brilliant ghostwriter and mom of three (an 8 year old & 6 year old twins), talks to us about the triumphs, trials, and messier parts of motherhood. Sarah is sleep deprived & Joy carries the show. Join us!

About our guest: Shannon Lee Miller is a best-selling ghostwriter, editor, and fanatically Canadian Canadian living in Nashville, TN. She’s mama to Wilder (8), twins Everly and Hudson (6), and wife to Buckley (pushing 40.) Her passions include muttering about the goddamned internet connection, long-distance running, and trying to be a better ally to the autistic community so that her son and his neurodivergent peers grow up knowing how utterly cool they are.

For more on Shannon, follow her Insta: @itsshannonleemiller & Medium: @shannonlmiller

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