Nipples as Knobs with Jenny Black

Our first guest and part of our team, Jenny Black, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has just reached the other side of motherhood as both her children have left home. Naturally she’s got some pretty amazing things to share that she’s learned along the way.

Jenny Black is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Tennessee, the founder of Media Trauma Care and the author of Inner Technology: How to be Human in a Digital World. She is currently writing a new book, Our Digital Soul: Mental Health, Media Trauma and Our Relationship with the Digital World and is in production on a documentary about the same topic.

She specializes in training and education about how mental health is impacted by our use of media. She was selected to present a Media Trauma workshop at the 2019 AAMFT Annual Conference. She was featured on the nationally syndicated television show, “Lifestyle Magazine.” Jenny’s other book is Unwritten Travels: an illustrated and guided journal for women. She has appeared on radio shows The Outer Limits of Inner Truth, Convergence Healing podcast, The Bright Side, The Human Voice and has been quoted in Real Simple, Fast Company and more.

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