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After the episode with Jenny Black: Niko McCall

The gang is back together to talk about our wonderful guest, Niko McCall and how it’s become harder than ever to lean in and trust our mothers intuition when it comes to our children’s curiosity about gender identity and sexual curiosity.

Leading with Compassion

Joy and Sarah are joined by their first parent who is trans. Niko shares with us his story of discovering himself alongside becoming a mom.

“It’s OK to not be OK” (Part 1)

Joy and Sarah are joined by dear friend Jessie Busbee, who walks them through what it’s been like raising her 3 girls in the midst of losing her husband to Glioblastoma in 2019.

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Andrea Fecht

Jenny has new hair and took a trip out west. Joy’s tooth fairy experience comes to a close (for now) and they discuss the generational pressure to “stay informed” while also trying to be present for our kids.

The Leader, The Foodie & The Old Soul

Joy and Sarah are joined by their first dad in honor of Father’s Day. Writer, director and actor, Jesse Santoyo is a single father to 3 boys. He shares with us the ups and downs from the other side of the aisle.