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High Strangeness with Leigh Nash

Joy and Sarah are stoked to be joined by the one and only Leigh Nash! You know her from her hit song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence none the Richer. She is currently on the road guesting for 10’000 Maniacs in attempts to survive being an empty-nester. Joy has to rearrange the nursery and Sarah is tired of being the bad cop.

Mom Therapy with Jenny Black

Joy, Sarah and Jenny are mixing things up this season! They are using this time as a “Mom Therapy” session where they can broach topics they are currently dealing with. Submit yours via Instagram!

Out of the Woods with Shelly Colvin

Sarah and Joy sit down with singer-songwriter and musician Shelly Colvin, who walks us through the tragic day in May of 2020 when she almost lost her husband and son.

The Clubhouse with Liz Stoner

Liz describes herself as a chronic optimist . She tells the tales of her 5 natural, drug-free births that took place all over the US, one technically falling out in her shorts. Also she didn’t use baby wipes, in case you wanna feel shittier about yourself. No pun intended.

Ain’t Nobody Perfect with Leah Larabell

Joy and Sarah interview Trained Herbalist Leah Larabell, who shares with us what led her to be so passionate about nature and all it has to offer and opens up about her difficulty to conceive. She gives us some easy tips on how to prepare our immune systems for the winter.

After the Episode w/ Jenny Black: Kellee Akers

Joined once again by resident Momcult guru, Jenny Black, the girls rehash their discussion with elementary school principal, Kellee Akers. We touch on the illusion of balance and how to be helpful after a traumatic event.

Learn to Love the Grind

Joy and Sarah are joined by Elementary School Principal, Kellee Akers. She is a mother to 3 teenagers and has been an urban school educator for 25 years so to say she’s gathered some tidbits about parenting along the way is an understatement. You won’t wanna miss this one!

Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

The girls sit down with longtime friend, Stephanie Melidis Wilson to discuss the day to day juggling act we all perform and the importance of soaking in the sweet moments.