Red Wines, Grey Areas and White Butterflies

Sarah and Joy have the incredible honor of sitting down with the South Georgian, Beauty Queen, cattle-raising, pity-hating, wine savant that is Traci Hilton. In 2020 her husband, Brent, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma. They were able to share 3 more priceless years together, raising their 2 girls and this month marks the one year of Brent passing on. Traci saw the podcast as an opportunity to memorialize, honor, grieve and celebrate what this last chapter has been for her and WOW what a gift. We chat about everything under the sun from what she loves/hates to hear as a widow, the importance of regulating your body, macrobiotics, watching Bridgerton with your mom and so much more.

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The Momcult Podcast
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