Gators and Cougars and Snakes, Oh My!

Dawn Tatum Parker

Joy & Sarah take a small road trip out to the country to visit with Sarah’s mom and, boy, was it worth it! Dawn is basically known for being a swamp siren /
cattlewoman / huntress with exotic animals as pets. The stories along with the treasured relics throughout her home, did not disappoint.

Join Sarah and Joy as they delve into the extraordinary life of Dawn Tatum Parker, a Renaissance woman with a story that spans horseback riding in rural South Mississippi, leading cheer squads, acing academics, and embracing art. From her early adulthood as a librarian and biology teacher into single motherhood and running a sign fabrication company and managing a cattle grazing business, Dawn’s life is a testament to resilience, versatility, and a deep love for animals. Beyond her résumé of unique careers, Dawn’s journey as a mother and grandmother unfolds in riveting anecdotes, revealing her independent spirit and the profound impact of her third child’s life and passing. Discover tales of wildlife management, alligator wrestling, and embracing life’s challenges head-on. This episode is a celebration of life’s every moment – the good, the challenging, and everything in between. Join us in honoring the first few acts of one extraordinary journey.

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