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Joy Todd

Sarah H. Parker Masse

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After the Episode with Jenny Black: Andrea Fecht

Jenny has new hair and took a trip out west. Joy’s tooth fairy experience comes to a close (for now) and they discuss the generational pressure to “stay informed” while also [...]
Posted: Wed September 28, 2022
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What, Do You Think I’m Weak?

Joy and Sarah jump right in with long time friend, Andrea Fecht. Sarah talks about her visit to a psychic and Joy is tired of being the tooth fairy.
Posted: Wed September 14, 2022

The Leader, The Foodie & The Old Soul

Joy and Sarah are joined by their first dad in honor of Father’s Day. Writer, director and actor, Jesse Santoyo is a single father to 3 boys. He shares with us the ups and [...]
Posted: Wed June 15, 2022

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Katie Schecter

Jenny, Joy and Sarah discuss the stress of packing school lunches, the importance of who you get your advice from and motherhood as strength training.
Posted: Wed May 25, 2022

Jimmy Stewart, Carrot Top & All the Badass Mothers

Joy and Sarah interview their 1st pregnant mom, Katie Schecter! She talks about her crazy pregnancy dreams, swollen feet, and the illusion of feeling ready.
Posted: Wed May 18, 2022

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Sarah & Cathey

Jenny joins Sarah and Joy to swoon over the twins’ incredible story of true love. Jenny updates us on how her Ted Talk went.
Posted: Wed April 27, 2022

The Big C, Surrogacy, and Ryan Gosling

Joy and Sarah sit down with Joy’s twin cousins who share their cancer and surrogacy journey with us.
Posted: Wed April 20, 2022

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Haylee Young

Joy, Sarah and Jenny talk about the idea of the “right-sized” anger as well as some dirty-facting on the Buddhist concept of The Watcher and The Doer as it pertains to mom guilt.
Posted: Wed March 23, 2022

“I Don’t Give A Sh*t!”

Sarah and Joy are joined by nurse practitioner and mother of one, Haylee Young. They get into the difficulty of transitions, pushing boundaries, and the struggle of finding [...]
Posted: Wed March 16, 2022

After the Episode with Jenny Black: Tyler Gilstrap

Licensed therapist Jenny Black joins to discuss the haziness of Mom Guilt and a hack for teach consequences.
Posted: Wed February 23, 2022

Dark Days, Dirty-Facting and Simple Self-Care

Choreographer and more importantly Joy’s neighbor, Tyler shares her brief journey through IVF, her love of being pregnant, and the difficulty to remain creative as a mom let [...]
Posted: Wed February 16, 2022

After the Episode without Jenny Black: Caitlin Mello

Joy and Sarah find themselves without marriage and family therapist Jenny Black but still manage to reflect on their chat with Caitlin Mello.
Posted: Wed January 26, 2022
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