Z – “Burner”

Zach Prosser, mastermind behind Z and occasional Bandsplainer guest, recently announced that the band would be releasing an EP and a full-length in October. The EP, entitled MAGNUfEEK, is a Cassette Store Day exclusive that I imagine you’ll have to beg and plead with Banana Tapes to get a copy. The full-length, entitled BarbedWire.org, is currently unreleased but we may have a bit of a sneak peek of what lies within from a recent Bandcamp posting of the song “Burner.”

Doing some low level Internet sleuthing, it seems that MAGNUfEEK does not contain a song with such a title, so it’s safe to assume this exists outside of that. The song itself is a much heavier number than the previously released “456“, verging into metal territory with the vocal growls, sludgy guitars and plenty of distortion. Does this signal that the track is its own standalone endeavor or that BarbedWire.org promised to be an eclectic offering of whatever-the-fuck style the band wants to put out into the world?

Sure, in this age of social media I could just ask the band but I prefer the speculation route. My money’s placed firmly on the idea that the forthcoming album is a varietal offering. Only time will tell and prove me wrong or right but, in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the surprising offering of “Burner.”