Peachy – Squirt

If you missed the premiere over on The Cream, please go take a moment to familiarize yourself with the background of Peachy – the new trio of Leah Miller, Rachel Warrick and Benji Coale – and their new album Squirt that’s been released by Idle Bloom’s own Olivia Scibelli’s new label, Budding Romance Records.

The album itself manages to find that tricky balance between head-bopping pop songs and snarling punkish delivery. The longest runtime clocks in just over three minutes, which means that none of the tracks have a moment to drag or give a moment of reprieve from the energy they’re putting out. “Rich Boy” is the prime example of that unrelenting push forward. Lyrically and musically, it’s emblematic of the album as it could be a Fuck You ode to Trump or just your run of the mill asshole (maybe both), complete with all the appropriate and empowered mentality that comes with it.

Naming your band “Peachy” and giving your debut album a bright pink and rainbow adorned cover would imply an album of keyboard fueled twee pop songs but Peachy is an exercise in subverting your expectations. These songs have bite and an opinion, namely in their rightful expression of frustration and disgust with much of our current social climate.

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