Volunteer Department/Heaven Honey – Split [Premiere]

Last we saw Heaven Honey, she was performing Live at Josh’s House, with the occasional assist from guitarist Oliver Hopkins of Volunteer Department. Turns out that performance was a prescient occasion foretelling of a future collaboration. That future is now and we’re happy to premiere the Heaven Honey split with Volunteer Department featuring “Relate 2” and “Shitten” from each respective artist.

It’s best to think of both of these tracks as A-sides, best foot forward representations from both musicians that perfectly augment one another but still maintain their individuality. They both have their fair share of dark and brooding vibes touched with atmospheric fuzz but, more importantly, they showcase a rare quality of subtle angst.

Volunteer Departments “Shitten” uses the first third of its 2:37 runtime to build the narrator’s restraint before unfurling a deliciously crunchy guitar line. It’s a cathartic expression of exhaustion delivered through a uniquely intense deadpan. More straightforward approaches would leverage screaming or more obvious fits of rage but Hopkins seems to be seething to the point of silence.

Similarly, that anger-under-the-surface vibe has been present in much of Heaven Honey’s recent work and shines through here again in “Relate 2.” Jordan Victoria’s snarl is wrapped in a coy breathy delivery but if you’re paying attention to the lyrics, the narrator is clearly disgusted by the subject.

Those lyrics are important, in both tracks. Be sure to tune in carefully and pay attention as these songs are abundantly enjoyable but the lyrics shift the lens of their message. They’re bangers but they’re bangers with a relatable angst.

Both these tracks are streaming everywhere now. Cold Lunch Recordings & To-Go Records are behind the release so be sure to give them a follow while you’re out cruising the Internet. Cold Lunch will take over ACME Radio tomorrow with a playlist of tracks curated by Heaven Honey and Volunteer Department.

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