Gee Slab – “Triple Beam” (Official Video)

Gee Slab often goes by the name B.I.N.O. – an acronym for “Believe In New Opportunity.” It’s a personal pseudonym, the name of his Lifestyle Band & Multimedia Company and, most importantly, it’s a mindset; a positive headspace to get things done. With the release of the official video for “Triple Beam” the effectiveness of that thinking could not be more front and center.

Back in June 2020, he released the No Signal EP and followed that up with multiple videos to promote it. He also released numerous episodes of KEEPITGEETV, an interview and music show of his own making.

Amongst all that, he also managed to write and shoot this video for “Triple Beam,” which is no ordinary music video. There are performance interludes throughout but it plays out predominantly like a mini-movie; following characters The Black Myer Lansky (Gee Slab) and Silas Slim (Cashmere CrooL) as they make their way through their neighborhood before ending up at a house party. It’s cinematic both in visual style and scope of story. After watching it, there’s a real desire to see these characters for a full 90 minutes (and the track is great too).

On top of all of that, today Gee Slab also released a brand new EP entitled Because I Can. That title is apt because it shows there’s no slowing down when you Believe In New Opportunity. Gee Slab is firing on all cylinders and creating a massive, and impressive, body of work in a very short time. He’s not the only Nashville hip-hop artist making waves but he’s one to keep a watchful eye on. Everything he’s released has been increasingly impressive in its execution. “Triple Beam” is just the latest evidence that Gee Slab is constantly leveling up; don’t miss out on whatever comes next.

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