To-Go Records – Compilation for Abortion Care TN

Abortion Care TN works to “remove barriers and increase access to reproductive and sexual health care including safe abortion care for all people.” If that doesn’t strike a chord with you in 2022, you’re living a willfully ignorant life. In June of this year the US Supreme Court removed federal protections for abortion care, overturning Roe v Wade. The dire consequences of that decision can not be understated and it’s now on all of us to work to support women in quest for bodily freedom.

One way you can help is by donating to organizations like Abortion Care TN. If you’re not the type to just flat out donate to an orgnaization, turn your gaze to this To-Go Records compilation featuring Total Wife, Molly Martin, Venus and the Flytraps, Abby Johnson and many more. The label put together this excellent roster of artists and tracks to raise awareness and money for the aforementioned Abortion Care TN organization.

It’s a no brainer folks; Support abortion care, support a local label, support local artists all in one fell swoop. Bonus: maximize your contribution by purchasing this on Friday, December 2nd when Bandcamp waives their platform fees.

1. Venus and The Flytraps – Happy To Be Here
2. Molly Martin – What You Need
3. Moto Bandit – Fatal
4. Texas Welcome Center – So
5. Crystal Rose – Any Other Way
6. Budge – Blame
7. Total Wife – Again
8. Qwerty – The Pink Tax
9. Abby Johnson – Red Ragtop (cover)

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