Centripetal Force Records – My Body, ‘Tis Of Thee II

My Body, `Tis of Thee II is a sixteen song compilation record brought to you by Centripetal Force Records with all proceeds going to Shout Your Abortion, an organization dedicated to “normalizing abortion and elevating safe paths to access, regardless of legality.”

Unless you live in a cave (or are willfully ignorant) you should already know that the United States Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion in June of 2022. This is an abhorrent change in US politics that results in a massive human rights issue; in some cases forcing women to face the decision between a life threatening pregnancy or prison time. If that sounds extreme, read up more.

Centripetal Force has compiled works from the likes of Eve Maret, Abstract Black, Total Wife, Ziona Riley, John Condit, and many more to provide awareness of the issue (should you still be living in the cave) and to raise money to help fund the Shout Your Abortion organization that will aid women in their plight to retain bodily independence. The music itself is an incredibly pleasing, exclusive, group of tracks that comes out strong with the Robbie Lynn Hunsinger track “RoeVWade22” providing some serious education on the abortion topic.

The music is a bonus as the real benefit is donating to the cause. The compilation will be released on Friday, December 2nd; a Bandcamp Friday in which the platform waives fees adnd thus, makes it possible for Centripetal Force to donate the maximum amount of funds back to SYA. Pick it up here and keep fighting the good fight.

1. Robbie Lynn Hunsinger – RoeVWade22
2. Eve Maret – Within
3. Abstract Black JayVe Montgomery – America the Forced Birth Plantation
4. Anne Malin – Stories
5. Elkhorn – Fuck Mitch McConnell
6. Jim McHugh – I Don’t Care About You (Fear)
7.Total Wife – no-fi
8.Tekla Peterson – Love for Sister
9. Ziona Riley – Lydia (live)
10. Joseph Allred – No Words
11. Gold Dust – Candy Jail (Silver Jews)
12. John Condit – Being
13. Jeffrey Alexander – Infinite Sky (Winter Version)
14. Agnes Martian – Third Axis
15. Downer Beat – Cat Song (Gold Dust)
16. Abronia – Wave of the Hand (live)