The It City – “Make It Look Easy”

Have you ever been at a wedding and the band starts to play and you immediately think about how corny they are? Then, fifteen minutes later, you find yourself indulging in the sincere performance and letting go of your indie rock baggage to just enjoy yourself? There’s elements of that in this single from newcomers The It City.

There’s something undeniably delightful about the song and video. Despite being posted a year ago and having over 100,000 views, I’d never heard tale of it. That may be because the song is intentionally… fun? It’s R&B / funk inspired number with some “smooth grooves”, great horn parts and enjoyable, occasionally, falsetto. The video features the band members acting a fool around an elementary school as the kids, donned in superhero costumes, watch from afar. On paper, you’d likely scoff at the idea. In execution, it’s a treat.

As a hippie at a concert once whispered to me, “Let It Go.” All your pretension about music, just let it wash away and enjoy this first song. Maybe even allow yourself to smile a little bit.