Ron Gallo – “It’s All Gonna Be OK”

Ron Gallo is nothing if not diverse. His previous EP, Really Nice Guys, goes from breakneck punk blasts to floating musings to psych-rock explosion in the span of three songs. It’s not unpleasant but it’s definitely hard to pin down.

Now he’s released “It’s All Gonna Be OK, the first single from his forthcoming full-length, Stardust Birthday Party. It’s an upbeat rocker with a mouthful of lyrics about the political times we live in. The message may or may not be nihilistic, depending on how you look at it. The thing is, the majority of the song sounds like an Oh Sees style rocker with the back third changing entirely into a DIY sounding jazz trail off. This kind of stylistic gymnastics is not a new thing for Gallo but it makes it difficult to forecast exactly what the full album will sound like.

You can pre-order the digital, CD or vinyl over on Bandcamp and start taking bets on what the record will sound like when it’s released on October 5th.