Tenn Toes Down

If you’re curious about Nashville hip-hop, there are a number of resources across the Internet to help educate you on some of the stand out artists. This 2019 Thrillist article or this 2020 DJ Booth piece are both quality places to start, as is this WOTT Music episode and Spotify playlist curated by Lance Conzett. There’s plenty more out there but each of them comes from the perspective of an outsider looking in. The brand new Tenn Toes Down compilation takes a different tact; coming directly from inside the scene.

Curated by Nashville’s own Gee Slab and EIC of Vibe Datwon Thomas, the playlist serves as a primer for the versatility of styles coming out of the Nashville hip-hop scene. Names like Mike Floss, Daisha McBride, Tim Gent, Petty, Fu Stan, Quez Cantrell and Brian Brown are likely recognizable even if you’re only loosely paying attention but the curation makes sure to go deeper than the obvious choices by including Bizzo World, Lul Lion, Sweet Poison, Legendary Spitta and loads more.

The playlist isn’t holistic by any means. Talking to Concrete Mag, Gee Slab reports that he “started with 50 [tracks] and it was a process for trimming down based on many factors… It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do because I’m cool with so many artist. But you can’t make everybody happy, it’s impossible.”

Including every single hip-hop artist in one compilation isn’t the point. Yes, it’d be great to see Jordan XX, Trapperman Dale, Rashad the Poet, Lackhoney or Ron Obasi included here but the list of talented hip-hop artists coming from Nashville is infinite. The playlist is an introduction, a gateway to urge you to hear more. Nashville hip-hop is often overlooked in comparison to Atlanta, Houston, Memphis and other southern locations but Tenn Toes Down demands your attention. Load it up, hit play and let it ride. When you inevitably hear something that catches your ear, look them up on Spotify to discover a wealth of music that’s been waiting for you.

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