Sundaes – “The First Waltz”

I became aware of Sundaes with the release of the single “Pretty Wife” back in the spring of 2018. In the time since, they’ve been regularly releasing songs, performing locally and regionally and, apparently, recording a good bit of material. With the release of “The First Waltz” also comes news of a debut album, entitled Sundaes Volume 1.

Not having heard the full record, it’s difficult to say if “The First Waltz” is emblematic of the whole or an outlier. What we can say is that it’s a beautifully executed ballad that registers as an honest expression regarding the mixture of fear and optimism when entering a relationship. While the choral refrain of “Are You In Love With Me?” is the most accessible inquiry, I was particularly struck by the leading line, “Don’t You Wanna Risk Everything?” Being in the position of opening up to another human being and allowing yourself to possibly be rejected, scorned or, even worse, ignored is a risky endeavor but it’s table stakes for sharing a life.

Musically, Sundaes mixes influences from various electronic and dance scenes, quality use of vocoder and a touch of ambient soundscapes. The tender landscape this creates is a delicate backing to the vulnerability portrayed in the lyrics; a deceptive feeling of minimalism that serves as a real testament to Sundae’s ability to layer a track succinctly.

Sundaes Volume 1 will be released digitally on April 3rd but you can hear it on cassette right now.