Iven – “Weren’t You At My House Last Week?”

Following up on his challenging-yet-rewarding album Little Lady #2, Iven has been slowly releasing a stream of new tracks that will culminate in a collection entitled Eight New Songs; a succinct and possibly very descriptive title.

The latest of the two preview tracks released into the world is “Weren’t You At My House Last Week?” – an exemplary track for the “Iven sound.” It rides the line between a comfortable, warm, bedroom vibe and a highly produced, intricately layered, affair. Isaac Q. Horton, aka Iven, drives the track with his unique vocal styling that is often reminiscent of a youthful Echo and the Bunnymen; lamenting for beloved visitor to come around more often. It’s vulnerable, authentic and quite catchy.

If I had to pick one thing to complain about it would be the cover art; depicting four baby dolls all in various states of distress. I find this unnerving, so much so that I feel compelled to mention it here in the review despite the fact that it has no bearing on the music or my enjoyment of it. I’m just weirded out and can’t stop myself from commenting on it.

Eight New Songs will be released Friday, February 21st. Hopefully it will contain at least seven more songs in this style and 100% fewer creepy babies.