Steelism – “Re-Member” (Official Video)

Of late, Steelism has been on the road with Carl Broemel both as an opening band and a backing band for the My Morning Jacket member. This functions as double promotion for their latest album ism, available now via Intoxicating Sounds.

The real news here is that they’ve released an official video for the track “Re-Member” off of said record. The video depicts the duo walking through the desert, peering into abandoned buildings and generally performing in sparse, desolate locations. It’s a fitting environment for the song, which has a much more melancholy vibe than their previously released singles for “Eno Nothing” and the danceable “Shake Your Heels.”

If nothing else, “Re-Member” serves as a great reminder that Steelism is capable of covering a lot of emotional ground despite their (usual) instrumental nature. And it’s pretty to look at.