Kate Kelly – “The Book We Made”

In the official bio for newcomer Kate Kelly, it states that her forthcoming album The Wonder Of It All was written “as a musical antidote to the dark energies circulating throughout the collective unconscious.” That’s a tall order but an admirable goal, particularly given the tumultuous political times we live in.

“The Book We Made” is a single released off of said album. So, how does it stack up as a musical antidote for dark energies? I’m happy to report – Not Bad. It’s upbeat, it’s backed by some pleasant horns and Kelly’s voice has a sweet, calming, vibe to it.

The kicker is that, lyrically, the song seems to be about a breakup in which the narrator burns the metaphorical book made together in a relationship. To quote: “…in the flames I say I goodnight, and when I get down to the heart of it, it was all just lovesick rhetoric.” While this could be delivered as a scathing disposal of a lost love, the song delivers the message as a freeing and optimistic opportunity.

The Wonder Of It All is set for a release sometime in 2018. The clock is ticking on the time remaining for the year and we all could use some more optimism.