Smart Objects – “Beta Wave” [Premiere]

If you’re a regular reader of WOTT, you know we’ve been premiering all of the new Smart Objects tracks trickling out for their new self-titled EP. If you haven’t heard “Lighten Up,” “Respirator” or “Something Happened” yet, get to clicking and check them out!

The latest, “Beta Wave”, is a jangly pop number that floats along on a stream of keys, driven by some fun percussion and blossoms into a bouncy chorus of multiple voices. Primary songwriter Benjamin Harper tells us that the track is about overcoming the tendency to be immediately self-defeating. The quote “Whether you believe you can do something or you believe you can’t, you’re right” inspired the lyrics and pleasingly optimistic vibe of the track.

The single serves as the closer to the full EP and provides some enlightening context to what makes the release so dang compelling. Listening back to all the tracks together, there’s a Voltron-esque* cohesion to the production, lyrical context and energy throughout that was not previously possible. The Smart Objects EP is an excellent showcase for the bands diverse styles, unique arrangements and generally bombastic energy.

“Beta Wave” puts a button on the stream of regular releases from Smart Objects for the time being but, more importantly, it serves as a reminder that the band should be on all your lists. Heart them, follow them, put them in a playlist – whatever options you have at your disposal to keep this in your rotation.

* Voltron was a cartoon in the early 80’s about five robotic space lions that were powerful individually but unstoppable when they came together. Check it out sometime.