Shaboi – Curse Walk

Curse Walk* is the one and only release by Shaboi. It was released in 2009 and we’ve talked about it many times. In fact, this is at least the fifth mention of the record in the history of We Own This Town; likely more than any other album has been mentioned on this site. But why?

It’s a valid question but the answer simply lies in the eclecticism of the album itself. Curse Walk is a Halloween record that spins tales of mad scientist experiments gone wrong, fighting zombies, being a lonely specter adrift in the world and even falling in love with a sluggish ghoul – normal subject matter given the context. However, it covers all of that by hopping effortlessly through styles; hip-hop, rock, country and R&B are all embraced in the roughly 20-minute runtime.

Beyond the factual description of the record, it’s also just fun to listen to. Shaboi (and his various guests; Shorty Tall Small, Lil Big Lil and Cadence) is clearly enjoying himself in the delivery of these tracks. It’s not brooding or particularly scary, nor is it pessimistic or snarky. It’s an abundance of joy mixed with the macabre, perfectly executed.

It’s likely that as long as this site exists, we’ll talk about Curse Walk every October. It’s been eleven years since its release and shows no signs of wearing.

* Released via yk Records; an indie label operated by yours truly, the author of this review. Bias is present but my enjoyment is pure.