Shaboi – Curse Walk

Today, the 13th of October, marks the official release of Curse Walk from a mostly unknown artist named Shaboi. The album is an eclectic mix of songs done in various styles; hip-hop, instrumental electronic diddies, traditional country ballads and even 1920’s radio style drama. This would, presumably, be a terrible mix for most artists to try and tackle but when every song is written under the thematic umbrella of Halloween it all seems to work. Tales of ghouls, witches, scientific experimentation and even a few references to Ghostbusters flow everything together even when the musical styles are highly disparate. .

Granted, I am little biased on the greatness this can bring to a pagan holiday as it is the fourth release from my little label and something that I’ve pleaded to have come to fruition for more than a few years. If you can honestly listen to Rapsylvania `88 or Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hideous without receiving some sort of massive improvement in your day, then you are in a bad place.

The album is available as a free download or a very affordable, limited edition, compact disc. Please get yourself excited for the impending Halloween by downloading and listening on repeat.