Safari Room – “Young Water” (Official Video)

Safari Room has been on the WOTT radar since the release of their first EP, Actual Feelings, back in 2018. In the short two years since that release, they’ve managed to release a handful of additional singles, a full-length and a number of live sets; all showcasing an increasing confidence in the direction of their sound.

We’re happy to premiere the official video for the most recent release – an upbeat jam that puts sheer positivity front and center called “Young Water.” Vocalist Alec Koukol has always had a propensity for delivering a comforting verse but here we find him joined by a chorus of backup voices to create a damn near heavenly sound.

Lyrically, the song is a call to arms to let go of your worries and embrace the moment. Given the probability of concern thanks to the ole global pandemic, it’s a nice reminder that we’re going to be okay. Visually, the video cuts between some nice layered color treatments, some storytelling and a whole bunch of dancing in the street. Don’t be concerned for the dancing in the street, it’s all part of letting your worries go.

Bands that embrace the wholesome and positive don’t often carry the same cred as a band that delivers the melancholy or brooding. For whatever reason, music criticism tends to favor negativity (maybe it serves as confirmation to our own regrettable feelings) but Safari Room is providing a credible counterpoint to that tendency. “Young Water” is an absolutely refreshing blast of good vibes; something we can all appreciate right now.