Hot Car – The Fun Never Ends

Asher Horton is a man of many projects. You’ve likely seen him playing a part in Sun Seeker or donning his pseudonym Rainsticks to partake in some 12-string pop odyssey’s or maybe you remember his band Fox Fun or his Mystery Bones album released under his own name. Now, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, we can add Hot Car to his long resume of enjoyable offerings.

His Instagram post announcing the record gives a nice context for which to approach the album:

If you’re looking for something calming and peaceful, this ain’t it. But if you’re looking for some goofy rock n roll, i hope this scratches that itch for ya.

That said, while it certainly has its fair share of amusing lyrics, it’s not really a goofy record. In fact, it’s a delightful, occasionally searing, dose of upbeat pop. The best comparison I can make here, and this is intended as high praise, is Fountains of Wayne. It’s memorably catchy, it evokes a beaming summertime vibe and it’s cut with just the tiniest dose of melancholy and flexibility to not take itself ultra-seriously.

Tossing out a casual “Recommended If You Like” comparison for a record is a dangerous game because it can alter your expectations. Evoking Fountains of Wayne isn’t meant to set the stage for any sort of direct sonic comparison but, rather, just to give a context that this is a delightfully fun romp. Hell, the project is named Hot Car and the album title is in quotes. I think you get it.

While I’d certainly love for Horton to be out on the road making money as a touring musician in whatever band he chooses to play with, its great to hear that the quarantining hasn’t impacted his ability to churn out some new delights for us all to enjoy.