Sad Baxter – “Believe Me” (Official Video)

Sad Baxter’s upcoming full-length, So Happy, is due July 20th on Cold Lunch Recordings. Over the past few months, they’ve shared videos for Baby, Love Yew, Sick Outt, a 615 Sessions that includes a cover of Nirvana’s “On a Plain” and now they’ve released a video for Believe Me, another track off said upcoming album.

Stylistically, the video calls back to the bands goofier side as they act as judges for a talent show with various absurd (and legitimately funny) performances from a host of oddball characters. However, one of those characters is a vaguely out of place “beauty” queen with blue hair that just can’t seem to catch a break. It’s heartbreaking comic relief in the context of the video but, if you’ll allow me this indulgence, is also a nod to the forelorn and melancholy vibe of the band. On the whole, Sad Baxter is a Rock band (capital R) but there’s always something underneath the surface of their songs hinting towards a depressive or frustrated narrator. Maybe I’m projecting or maybe I’m reading too much into the nu-grunge style but it adds a weight to the songs that makes them much more relatable, as they seem to come from an authentic place.

I applaud the band for all the promo running up to this album and can’t help but wonder what they’ve got up their sleeve after it’s released. Four legit videos before an album release should be more than enough to have you take notice and mark your calendar for the 20th. I sure have.