Quichenight – “Woman Tonight” (Official Video)

Quichenight, aka Brett Rosenberg, will be releasing their sixth official full-length album (not counting lost albums, EP’s and mixtapes) Cooler Heads on June 1st, 2018. In lead up to that unveiling, he teamed up with Helen Gilley – of Butthole – to create a wonderfully absurd Ode to the Road, or, rather, an ode to leaving the road.

It may be a forelorn love song at the core but the video injects it into green screen madness, ridiculous special effects and delightfully absurd stock footage insertions. Watching Rosenberg and video companion Ellen Pelerossi (also of Butthole) force pizza into each others faces while emoji’s and neon signs swirl around is an undeniable treat.

Cooler Heads is out June 1st on all the streaming networks and vinyl. There’s a listening party tonight, May 31st, at the Bowery Vault to hear the record a tiny bit early.