Exotic Doctors – Prescriptions

If you’re familiar with the Nashville Rock Scene, the lineup of members for Exotic Doctors is a litany of known names. Jerry Campbell and Ryan Ervin alone have an impressive resume of bands between them including Spider Virus and The Carter Administration, respectively. It’d be unfair to compare this debut record, Prescriptions, with their prior work but it’s nice context to establish that this ain’t their first rodeo in the realm of crafting a song.

That experience expresses itself most noticeably through a subtle comfort in the delivery of the songs. “Outta My Head” is an emotive release with mounting tensions throughout, while “Love Criminal” goes for straight rocker. The band easily slides between these styles without losing any lyric vulnerability.

It’s also worth noting that half the album was recorded and mixed at Jeremy Ferguson’s Battle Tapes studio and the other half was recorded on a Tascam 8, DIY home recording style. The sonic differences are certainly notable but never unsettling, as they simply add to the diversity of tools that the band deploys with experienced efficiency.