Okey Dokey – “Wait on Me”

It’s been a minute since Okey Dokey released their last full-length Love You, Mean It but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. Aside from a fairly relentless touring schedule, they’ve also been trickling out a stream of new singles.

The latest is “Wait On Me“, a mid-tempo pop diddy that pulls from plenty of 50’s doo-wop and drum beats that make you sway back and forth. That is, until the delightful keyboard solo comes in and you’re transported away to a magic land reminiscent of what I imagine the World’s Fair sounded like.

Given the current landscape of streaming music, releasing individual singles makes a lot more sense than full albums. This may be a sign of bigger things to come or it may simply be another excellent entry into your 2018 Faves playlist. Only time will tell.