New Threads – “America”

Generally, I steer clear of any kind of music labeled “groovy.” That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a song that has a groove but there’s something about directly identifying your music as “groovy” that raises alarms for me. So, when the new single from New Threads starts with the line “This is as groovy as it gets!” I was prepared for a short preview.

Fortunately, we keep things positive around here and if I hadn’t enjoyed the track I wouldn’t be writing about it. Admittedly, the first chunk of the song has a basic “groove” to it that could get lost in your mental shuffle but the band opts for a much more grandiose release when the chorus rolls around. It’s that juxtaposition of the light verse paired against the more emotional catharsis of the exploding guitar chorus that gives the whole song some weight.

Groovy trepidations aside, the band successfully managed to make a song that would work as well at a frat party as it would at The End.