Nehoda – “Shakey Pop”

Nehoda is a relatively new band to the Nashville music scene but it’s comprised of members with plenty of experience making music in other outfits (drummer Jeremy Gill in Kitchn and namesake Patrick Nehoda with solo releases). The trio took their experience and headed to Sundog Recording Studio in East Nashville to track everything live for their debut album, …But Anyways.

While the album is slated for an early October release, early preview singles like “Shakey Pop” give a glimpse of the types of styles to expect. We Own This Town has actually be fortunate enough to hear the whole record ahead of its release and can confirm that when the band wants to unleash, they do so with great abandon.

“Shakey Pop” is a thunderous track of pounding drums, crunchy guitars, flourishing bass and just the right dose of detached vocals. Hearing Nehoda belt out “I miss all the times we talked” is somehow both lovingly delivered and equally pained. All told, it’s a fun garage rock-y song with a little pinch of 90’s grunge influence seeping through. Serving as a bit of an introduction to a brand new band, it makes quite the impression.

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  • Thank you Michael for taking the time to review as well as share our new song. We appreciate it very much. Thank you as well for playing us with so many other talented local bands on the podcast last week as well!

    Mon September 7, 2020 at 12:00 pm