Modern Convenience – So So Modern

Modern Convenience is, by no means, a newcomer to the scene but they are a new transplant to the Nashville area by way of Memphis. This is wildly good news as it means that we can confidently call their late 2018 release, So So Modern, a local release.

The record marries a chaotic, discordant, landscape with an unrelenting push forward, brimming with influences of Post-Punk, New Wave and Classic Rock, delivering memorable hooks all along the way. Tracks like “Scream and Shout” or “Bleed for Rock and Roll” bring big riffs and powerful, chant-able, choruses but the record really succeeds when it shrugs off the more macho vibes and focuses on the more eclectic. The feverish guitars of “Shut Your Brain Off” or the jerky movements of “This and That” evoke a deranged B-52’s, danceable but offputting.

The record evokes a dark energy; a cathartic expulsion that can only be achieved with the sweatiest, crazed dedication to rock. If you’re in need of shaking off some demons, crank this record or see them live and sweat yourself clean in the throbbing masses.