Jasmin Kaset – “Things I Wanted” (Official Video)

Back in November, Jasmin Kaset released a collaborative album with Quichenight entitled Tuxedo.* The record is a different tone and style than Jasmin’s previous solo releases and work as part of Birdcloud. The lead track, “Things I Wanted”, has a heavy 70’s rock vibe to it with rollicking drums, a searing guitar lead and just the right amount of jangle. There’s even some falsetto backing vocals to offset Kaset’s lyrical laments.

The official video for the track just released and was filmed in various locations around Melbourne, Australia – tho the settings are, literally, less front and center than Jasmin herself; who undergoes a myriad of costume and hair changes throughout.

Maybe the video is commentary on how we change ourselves to try and get to those people and goals that elude us. Maybe it’s about finding yourself through the trials and tribulations of yearning for something. Maybe it’s just a great looking video. Regardless, it’s a great piece of work from start to finish, visually and aurally.

* This album was released via yk Records, owned and operated by Michael Eades; curator of We Own This Town and writer of this piece. There is heavy bias here.