Malibu Blackout – “Zombie Disco”

Malibu Blackout premiered their single “Zombie Disco” today off their forthcoming EP, Sir Devil Dude (due out in September). The three piece rock band has been around for a few years in the Nashville area with the EP being their first formal release outside of a trio of introductory singles.

The track is steeped in a myriad of influences from roots rock, Queens of the Stone Age style vocal layers and arena rock. With a title like “Zombie Disco” you’d expect something dark and foreboding but a little dance-y; a suspicion that Malibu Blackout delivers on in spades.

Sometimes a bit of riff rock is a refreshingly straightforward aural treat, a way to provide a mental break from the day and just immerse yourself in the moment. Keep an ear out for Sir Devil Dude in September.